Arts USF Calendars
This quarterly publication was created as a print communication piece for the University of South Florida's College of The Arts. The calendar format was designed with flexibility in mind to allow room for a different number of events in each publication. 
Arts Calendars from August 2015 to May 2017.
The target audience includes members of the general public interested in cultural events in the Tampa, Florida area. Since the College of The Arts hosts events of a wide range of topics and formats within the visual and performing arts, as well as architecture, it was important to devise a system to communicate the variety of offerings while at the same time making it easy for the target audience to identify the activities that personally interest them the most. 
A detailed view of the January - February 2017 edition of the Arts Calendar.
Each calendar measures 4 in x 9 in when folded, but the open size ranges depending on the number of events featured.
Detail of the different stages of opening on the quadfold August - October 2015 edition of the Arts Calendar.
Work-in-progress view of the March-May 2016 edition in Adobe InDesign.
Final printed version of the March-May 2016 edition of the Arts Calendar.

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