Nina Contreras Womeldurf is a digital creative who works in graphic design, illustration, UX/UI development, and online communications. She has 10 years of experience directing creative teams and working as a consultant and freelancer in online and social media marketing, digital communications, and advertising. Her design work earned two American Graphic Design Awards from GDUSA in 2011 and 2013, as well as a Visix Expression Award top 3 recognition in 2012.
Nina earned a BFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida where she specialized in video and digital art, exploring practices in interactive/web design, photography, and animation. Continuing her studies at USF, she earned an MS in Marketing where she focused her thesis research on marketing strategy for NPO’s through branding, promotion management, consumer behavior, and e-commerce. 
Design Style
In her design work, Nina looks for clever intersections between technology and aesthetics where she can create something functional, informative and delightful. To Nina, the drive to design comes from observing the human interaction with the end product and from wishing to improve the quality of people's lives. 
She finds inspiration in travel because of the opportunities to learn from the local culture, character, architecture, and art of cities nationally and internationally. Nina loves how good design can make people smile by improving everyday experiences for the people who interact with her work.
180-degree self-portrait of Nina Womeldurf

180-degree self-portrait of Nina Womeldurf.

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