They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay!
The design work for this promotional campaign is an ongoing project for the 2016-17 performance season of the USF School of Theatre and Dance. The internationally acclaimed comedy "They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay!" will be on stage at USF in April 2017. This illustration was created to capture the humor of the play and generate enthusiasm among the theatre-loving community with the end-objective of selling admission tickets to the performance. 
The Illustration Concept
The illustration concept for USF's "They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay!" campaign pulls from the play's themes of humor, civil disobedience, and desperate housewives. The focus being the runaway shopping carts with hands held in a symbolic fist, but clenching the silliest of items that any desperate housewife would need to really feed their family.
Work-in-progress in Adobe Illustrator.

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